Story And Art By Simone Smith


The World Of Not Another Cliche!

Art university isn't boring when it's virtual and the only thing between you and glory is whether or not you've got the skills to rise to the top!


About The Characters


Sky is the first character you meet in NAC, she’s also new to the world so she’s learning about it along with you. You very quickly learn that Sky has some deeper issues at her core that she needs to work through.

Ackee NAC not another cliche

Ackee is the second Character you meet, and she’s kinda like marmite, you’ll love her or hate her. Right from the start she takes control of the situation and saves Sky, she’s also not afraid to speak her mind and tell you if you’ve messed up, but she’ll also have your back no matter what!  


You only get to see Kay for a moment in chapter 2, where he and Ackee talk over face-cam and you can tell that he gets along with Ackee to a certain extent in the way that a brother or close friends would, He considers himself the kinda guy that “Get’s girls” but we'll just have to see...

lucas NAC not another cliche

Lucas has not been introduced yet. So I think I’ll keep him a surprise for now!