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  • What is Kray Club?
    Kray club is a membership service which allows you access to member only content on this website. Our basic free membership, which is available upon creating an account, allows you access to the free content available on Monthly Brush club members are able to access the brush club section in the club only area, this membership allows you to download the 3 available brush packs which are switched every month Vip membership allows member access to the full archive of simkray brushes, where you can download over 20+ brush packs, you can also redownload any of the brush packs at any time.
  • Can I use your Brushes for Commercial use?
    All of my brushes are made for the purpose of making Webcomics/Comics easier, so it is fine to use them for your own Webcomic/Comic projects whether you are posting your webcomic online or printing your comic. Credit is not required (But is appreciated) as long as you do not claim the brushes as yours or something you made. You may use my brushes for your own art commissions as long as it is in a transformative way, where the brushes aren't the primary or main focus of the work. The following is considered a breach in copyright: Do not resell these brushes. Do not use my brushes for stickers, sticker sheets or products ie, totes, T-shirts etc Again, Please use the brushes in a transformative way, where the brushes aren't the primary or main focus of the work.
  • When will new Brushes be uploaded to Brush Club?
    New brushes are uploaded when they are ready and complete. I tend to test out my brush packs to make sure they are working correctly which can take time to tweak. Brush Sets will normally include at least 10 new Brushes. However During events like halloween, Christmas ect, I might include more.
  • How do I import my brush to my art program?
    All Brush Sets include a guide on how to import the brushes.
  • Can you make your Brush Sets for [insert Art Program here]?
    All of my brushes are one's that I personally use myself, the two main programs I personally use are Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop so when it comes to making brushes those are the main programs I'll be making brushes for. It is difficult to create brushes for programs I'm not familiar with, or don't personally use myself as different art programs have different processes and settings for making brushes, and I, unfortunately, do not have the time to learn how to use every art program. If you choose to install my brushes on a program that is clearly not the one labelled and intended, I can not guarantee it will work, please do your own research on what program brushes are compatible with each other. you can read my blog for more info.
  • I've lost my brushes, can you send them to me again?"
    If you are a brush club member, you already have access to the brushes which are switched out monthly, if you are a vip member then you can redownload any of the brush packs at any time from the vip section in the members area. If you have canceled your membership, you will lose access to these features and will no longer be able to redownload the brushes. For members who have purchased a brush pack from my shop, I may be able to resend a brush pack if it's still available in the shop. Please send an email from the same email account you made the purchase, with your name and order number to I can then resend the link to the email address you used to make the order. If you are not able to confirm your name or order number then I will not be able to help you, as I can not give out any information on my end for obvious safety reasons. It is also your responsibility to properly store your brushes once they have been purchased.
  • What is Brush Club?
    Brush Club is apart of Kray Club but Only for Brushes. Most of the brushes I make will be mainly for Clip Studio Paint as it is the main program I use for my own work. But I might occasionally make sets for other programs. Get updates about new brushes, and videos on how to use the brushes. Brush Club will not be a permanent service.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Emailing me is the best way to make sure I get your message: If you contact me on one of my social media sites there is a chance I might not see it, so if it's something important it's best to email me.
  • What are your work hours
    Monday - Friday 11:00 - 7:30 GMT Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Based in London UK
  • Where can I read Not Another Cliche?
    You can read Not another cliche! here on my website, Patreon, Tapas and webtoons. My Website and Patreon are both £3 to join and directly supports me and my webcomic. Tapas and Webtoons are free.
  • Why do you always draw black people?
    In short because I am black and there isn't enough representation of black people in fantacy in the uk. If it upsets you that I mostly have black characters, you should probably reflect on why that is.
  • I'd like to use your art in my blog, video, Profile?"
    If you wish to use my work in a blog, video or acticle etc, that is fine as long as you proply cridit me for my work. ie. (Art by Simkray) and link/tag my website or account. if you plan to use my work for profit/money then I do not give you permission. Thanks for understanding
  • Do you have a patreon I can support  you on?
    Yes I currently have a Patreon, however you can suport me by becoming a Kray Club Member on my website too. you can also support me by purchasing something from my shop.
  • What software do you use?
    Computer: MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch Tablet: Wacom 27qhd Art Programs: Clip Studio Paint Video Editing: After Effects & Premiere Pro
  • Can you draw me for Free?
  • Can you work on my project for free?
  • Can you give me your brushes for free?
  • Are your commissions open? / When will they be open?
    My commissions will open and close depending on the available time I have. I will only be opening 3 slots at a time, which will open again as work is completed and space becomes avaiable.
  • How do you draw/ make webcomics?
    Subscribe to my youtube channel for more.
  • How can I cancel my club membership?
    You can cancil your membership at any time by clicking your icon in the top right, clicking subscriptions and then canceling.
  • Why can't I have a refund on digital products?
    Refunds are not available for digital products, such as files, Club Memberships and Brush Sets. Once the order is confirmed and paid for by you, the product is immediately made available to you to download and so it is also not possible for you to return the product. All descriptions and product images will always state what program or file type the product is for. It is your responsibility to make sure to check if the product is compatible with your software or art program before purchasing. There is no obligation for Simkray to provide a refund in the following situations: -You changed your mind about the product. -You bought the product by mistake or didn't read the description -You do not have sufficient expertise to use the product. -You use a torrented/illegal vertion of the art program.
  • What are Art Commissions?
    Art Commissions is a service where a client pays an artist to create original custom art.
  • Updates to my copyright and licensing policy
    Please Note: I will update my copyright and license information every few weeks or so. Therefore if you have commissioned me in the past, certain things may have changed therefore I will always send you an information sheet contain the current information.
  • How much is your copyright?
    I do not sell my copyright. only licences.
  • Do I recive the original file for the commission?
    My commission prices do not inculde the original file. However the file can sometimes be purchased for an additional fee. you will recive a png or jpg file so you can post/ use the image
  • I'm writing a Children's book, can you illustrate it for me?"
    I don't always take on these types of commissions, as they are very time consumeing, and take a long time to do, but you are wlcome to ask.
  • What won't you draw?
    I do not accept any requests for racist, offensive or sexually explicit things, and I do not expect/wish for my work to be used in that form. There are things I haven't drawn before, but I'm fine with giving anything a go as long as you are ok with it!
  • How long will my commission take?
    My working speed varies and depends on how many commissions/ projects I am currently working on. because of this, I will normally provide a rough starting date for when I will start working on your commission. However commissions can take anything from a few weeks to a month or more, again depending on what you are commissioning. Timezones. if you are located in a different timezone to me (UK), that means there will probably be a delay when it comes to sending emails to one another
  • Can I take your work and put it in a book, T-shirt, etc"
    No. Please do not do this. If you want to use my work in a book or magazine, Please Contact my agency Illo Agency
  • I have a budget for a project I’m working on, will you be able to work on it?"
    It depends on how much “work” you are requesting in regards to your budget. If your budget isn’t realistic then I’ll have to decline your request. "But I’m paying you, so you should just do the work?" I have my own business to run and create things for, so if you’r not paying me propoly for my time then I can not take time away from my own work.
  • Can you draw me something in this artist style please.
    No. If you want something to be drawn in another artist style then please contact them instead of me.
  • Privaticy Concerns?
    If you do not wish for me to make your commission public on my socail midia until you are able to make/print a certain product let me know so we can work something out.
  • Do you do Custom T-shirt Commissions?
  • Can I order a commission if I see you at a market?
    No. I don't do on the spot commissions as I do not carry my art supplies with me. I only take commissions through my website, you can ask me about my commissions but I won't draw anything during a market and I will not take any payment for a commission during a market or event. Thank you.
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