Kray Club is an online subscription service, where depending on what tier you join you can get access to extra content!

Certain Teirs are only open for a limited time, so be sure to join when you can!

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  • Kray Comics

    Every month
    Perfect for those who love to read comics!
    • Early Access to all current & Future Simkray comics!
    • Early Access to shop deals, commissions and competitions
  • Brush Club

    Every month
    Monthly Subcription for Simkray's digital brushes!
    • Brush Club membership
    • Get a new Brush sets each month (For: CSP)
    • Free updates and improvements included.
    • + random selection of 3 past brush sets each month!

Prices may change upon full launch.  Customers who subscribe to a plan now will keep the same price plan unless you cancel.


How does it work?

What is my Subscription for?

Your subscription funds new brush sets each month, and a random selection of 3 past brush set which switches out at the end of each month to keep things fresh!

When will the brushes switch out?

 ALL brushes will switch out at the end of every month, so make sure to come back to download them!

Updates and improvements?

I'm constantly working on updating and improving my brush sets, and so you automatically get any and all updates and improvements made to any of the brush sets at no extra cost.




If you enjoy reading Not Another Cliche! and want more comics like it, then this plan is for you!

Not only will you be supporting the creator directly, which will help fund Simkray comics! but you'll also be able to read all of Simkray's Current and Future Comics for just £2 a month! 

To learn more about what comics are available