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Connie's Carrot Cakes

Business Design

Connie's Carrot Cakes is a small business I work with the develop their brand, logo and website.

Logo Design

I had previously designed the first logo for Connie's Cakes back in my early days back when Connie was just starting out.

So she had used this logo for quite a long time and was very attached to it. The client's brief was to simply update the previous logo with something a little newer but to keep all of the main details from the old logo since most of her customers were already familiar with it.

For the redesign, I basically wanted to make the face of the logo more rounded and friendly looking and define the hair a little more, as with the previous logo it was difficult to make out the hairstyle due to the colours being so dark and muddy. I did a few different variations with a closed but happy mouth expression, but the client ended up wanting a full smile instead, which turned out great!


Brand identity

One of the things Connie gave me free range on was deciding the brands colours. As Connie's cakes are all Carrot cakes with different flavours mixed in, I decided that Orange would be one of the primary colours. And to make it pop I wanted a plum purple. As you can imagine there are quite a few cake based companies but the main thing that set's Connie's Cakes apart from others, is our uniquely distictive branding.

Business Card Designs

When designing these double sided buiness cards, I knew I wanted to incorporate some photo's I took of Connie's delicious cakes.

Personally I think it's important to incorparate real photo's of your products if you can, as it serves as a little reminder for your customers who you are and what you do.


Website Design

Connie's Website is still an ongoing work in progress, but desinging the overall look has been a fun process.

One of the most important things to get right is the type of vibe your want for your company, this can be done through the use of colour, photos, slogans and more.

To beging with we started by creating the main pages every website should have. Home, About and Contact. after which we added more pages.

Currently we are working on creating a shop, which reqires images, discription, and much more.

Tipically I would expect my clients to provide photo's and writing of there own, but as I've worked with connie for quite a few years I had already had quite a few photo and knew about the brand and it's goals.


Social Media Branding

Once the overall look of the website was figured out, it made it easier to branch of into socail media. I've created a few videos, promo images for instagram as well as banners for the markets Connie attends.


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