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Some of the brushes featured in this video may change for the final brush sets.

Hi guys!

Firstly I'm very sorry if you got a bunch of notifications earlier this month, it was a mistake and it won't happen again! This will be the last notification for a post you'll get for this month. Again I'm very sorry!

Secondly, I just wanted to give a little preview of some of next month's brush sets for brush club members. As I mentioned before in my Newsletter, these brushes will be Halloween-themed for the month of October - November. The video above shows just a few of the brushes for now.

Normally I like to have at least 10 brushes in a set, but since Halloween is a big celebration for some people while others may not celebrate it, I didn't want every brush to only be halloween themed for october, So instead I'll be releasing more brushes in Octother than normal and grouping similar themed brushes together as a set, so far the sets will be:

  • Halloween themed set October 15th.

  • Sweets themed set October 22nd

  • Horror themed set November 15th

Names of the sets are still to be decided!

Also for Brush Club members, new brushes will be uploaded on the 15th of every month from now on.


Lastly, I wanted to let you know about some new changes I've been working on for the site.

You may have noticed already but the Kray Club section has changed a bit, a few people said it was a bit hard to find the members-only section and the brush download section so now when you click Kray Club it will take you to a members-only section, where you'll find the News blog and links to Simkray comic's (more will be coming soon) and Brush Club downloads.

There are some place holder links for things to come, they don't lead to anything yet, but I'm working on it, but I'll let you all know more about that when it's ready!

You can also use the link at the bottom of the "Kray Club" page if you would like to cancel your subscription, it will take you to a form where you simply need to fill out the information provided. Please be aware, once you cancel your membership it can not be reversed or reactivated, the only way to become a member after cancelling your membership is to join one of the plans again.

Thanks for reading



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