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This set is an addition that works with my NATURAL HAIR brush set for Photoshop. It automatically switches between similar colours to give you an easy layered hair effect with each stroke, so there's no need to constantly colour pick!


Contains a Zip Folder containing 8 brushes for Photoshop. +Practice file.

These brushes only fully work in photoshop, I wouldn't recommend this for Procreate users.


More brushes may be added to this Set over time, which may affect the current price, subscribe to my Brush club and receive all my brushes and updates.

8 Easy Colour Blend Hair Set For Photoshop

VAT Included
    • Contains a Zip Folder containing all 8 brushes for Photoshop.
    • Get the Natural Hair Set here.
    • These brushes were made on Adobe photoshop 2020 (Creative Cloud) I'm not sure if they will work on older or torrent/cracked versions of the program, so please check before purchasing.
    • Would not recommend for Procreate users as the brushes will not work in the same way, please download the procreate version instead.
    • Due to the nature of the files being available immediately after payment there are no refunds, please make sure to read the descriptions carefully to see if it is compatible with your art program before purchasing. Thank You.