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Duppy Tales

Game/ Webcomic

Duppy Tales is a side project I've been working on and off on. It originally started out as being a comic but I have also been playing around with the idea of making it into a game.

What is Duppy Tales?

Duppy Tales is a side project I've been working on and off for the past few years. I've mainly been writing short stories about the main characters, Max and Myth while testing out the possibility of making it into a visural novel game.

Duppy Tales is a nonlinear thriller fantasy inspired by primarily by cultural myths, superstitions, legends and folktales throughout the Caribbean, Africa and the African diaspora.

It follows the story of a young witch named Max and her friend, Myth as they try to solve supernatural mysteries.

As Duppy Tales is still in early development, I'm not comfortable sharing too much about the project yet but if you are interested in seeing it become a reality, I hope you will support some of my other projects in the mean time.

Also if you have experience in making visual novel games, Python, and would like to work on this project with me then feel free to drop me an email as

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